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Frequently asked questions

Software development

Yes, through our work methodology, it is possible to support our clients by gathering information, analysis and estimation to present a work proposal that meets delivery time requirements or that allows limiting the amount of investment in the project.

Yes, we are currently certified partners of ScrumStudy, our developments incorporate agile models that allow our clients to have periodic value deliveries that give them certainty and confidence in the development.

Our developers are specialized in the main programming languages ​​used for the development of applications today.

Back-end development

  • WEB. Java, .NET (C#), PHP, Python, Ruby
  • Mobile Android, IOS (Swift)

Front End Development

  • JavaScript
  • Angular, React, Vue, Bootstrap

Stand-alone development

  • C, C++, Powerbuilder

Big data

  • R, Java, Scala, Python


Blockchain is a mechanism devised as part of the decentralization of currencies and that emerged with the arrival of Bitcoin.

This mechanism allows the creation of an immutable and secure registry, that is, it creates a single truth that is validated by a distributed system that ensures its authenticity.

Its uses are very varied and currently there is still much to be developed in this area.

Some uses can be:

  • Digital Property Registry (NFT’s)
  • Invoice registration
  • Register of certificates of origin
  • Register any document that requires to ensure its authenticity and originality.

Cardano is a platform that supports Blockchain, it provides a solution to the three main points that decentralized applications require, interoperability, scalability and sustainability.


Scalability is achieved by providing an elegant solution to the issues of supporting data volumes, transactions per second, bandwidth, and data storage.


Cardano allows us to carry out operations between different currencies in a transparent way between different Blockchain platforms, it allows Side-by-Side operations.

In addition Cardano allows us to store additional characteristics (metadata) of the transaction, in such a way that it is possible to use this data to interact with the outside world.


The Cardano platform allows us to promote continuous improvement on the network and keep it sustainable.

RPA and Automation

RPA comes from the acronym in English Robot Process Automation, and it is a software program that allows to carry out tasks that are performed repeatedly and that, when handled by a system, allow to reduce time, costs, and above all errors derived from bad data capture or even the improper execution of actions by a human operator.

There are currently different software solutions on the market that allow companies to quickly integrate RPA. One of them is Rocketbot, which is a set of programs that will allow you to register automation robots, monitor their execution and view their results.


Being a Technology company, the level of specialization in the IT industry is high, with a team of R&S certified in Scrum methodology, plus evaluations and technical interviews carried out by IT Architects.

Weekly sprints that guarantee candidates nominated in a period of 3 to 10 days depending on the complexity of the profile.

We have warranty coverage upon request

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