We are more than 

an ally of business






Who are we?

Quality & Knowledge is a consulting company in business, processes and information technologies that seeks the business transformation of its clients through a portfolio with the best practices and specialized services.

Quality & Knowledge specializes in the definition of  the strategy, review and adjustment of business processes and the coordination and integration of cutting-edge solutions.

At Quality & Knowledge we offer a broad portfolio of consulting and advisory services in business management that complements and supports the technologies we implement.

  • Business Consultancy
  • Consultancy in Process Automation and Continuous Improvement
  • Web applications development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Software Testing (Quality Assurance)
  • Implementation, Maintenance and Support Solutions
  • Technical and Methodological Training
  • Quality Creative (Digital Art, Retail, Web, eLearning, eCommerce)

Quality & Knowledge was founded in 1999 by a group of entrepreneurs. Currently it has more than 150 consultants, who participate in various projects in important national and transnational companies of all sectors.

At Quality & Knowledge we seek long-term, trusting relationships, growing day-to-day until we become more than an IT partner for all our customers.


Our Mission is to "Generate added value to our customers by implementing state-of-the-art Information Technology Solutions, with the highest quality standards that provide competitive advantages to our clients and that is reflected in the results towards shareholders and employees" .

This means getting involved and engaging with the business environment, operating model and customer challenges and generating solutions that allow them to manage different information that can be transformed into competitive advantages.


Our Vision is "To be a leading company, based on the degree of contribution for our customers and with constant proposals in innovation, in "Information Technology" solutions for Mexico and key sectors of USA."


In Quality we seek values ​​and capacities that generate a professional ethic through:

TRAINING. We are a company that forms (We seek to generate opportunities for all the members of the company to develop as professionals and entrepreneurs).
INNOVATION In such a dynamic era, cutting-edge products and services are required to provide greater competitiveness.
TRANSFORM Continuously the organization, in order to keep it updated and always at the vanguard with respect to the needs of its customers.
TRANSFORMATION We believe in continuous improvement and we reinvent ourselves constantly in order to keep us up to date and always at the forefront.
COMMITMENT The responsibility we acquire with our clients is a fundamental axis for achieving long-term relationships.
TEAMWORK We foster proactive collaboration for learning about knowledge, experiences and ideas for the growth of others.






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